Building for the Future

A positive alternative to drugs, gangs, & violence

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Four goals of GYAC

  1. Coaches will teach the fundamentals of Olympic-style boxing
  2. Provide an athletic diversion to drug use, gangs, and violence
  3. Focus on enhancing self-esteem, goal-setting, discipline, respect for others, and responsibilities for ones own actions
  4. Handle life triumphs and challenges outside of the boxing ring

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GYAC offers:

Mentoring & Goal Setting 

Olympic Style Boxing  & Coaching

Athletic Diversion for Youth


” You see kids gain confidence and work hard. We care about the kind of person you are.”

Founder & Coach:

Carlos Duncan

Achieve a different tomorrow

“I was in seventh grade when we moved here, and honestly, I had a hard time fitting in. I started going to the GYAC with a friend of mine. Now, I bring her kid with me and my kid. It’s been 21 years I’ve been coming here and I’ve learned so much.”


Julie Guiste

GYAC is about more than just boxing.

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